UAV Autopilot

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Naveol has developped a full-featured autopilot system that is capable of piloting any robotic vehicle autonomously.

This board has been conceived to control radio-controled based aircrafts via standard servos. The autopilot is fitted with all inertial sensors (accelerometers, gyrometers and magnetometers), a barometer and even a powerful 20Hz GPS that only needs an external passive or active antenna (powered by the board).

The heart of the system is a 40 Mips Digital Signal Processor that can compute a wide variety of software options. Depending on the customer needs, a single hardware design is needed to offer from simple Inertial Measurement Unit with or without GPS-aided Attitude and Heading Reference System algorithms to a full Unmanned Aircraft Vehicule navigation system with automatic control laws.

This little board is capable of piloting and powering 8 servo-motors (standard 0.1" headers for direct servo connection) and has 7 power outputs (open collectors). It has 8 PPM input channels that can be connected to a 8 channel radio-controlled receiver and it can be powered by a 4.8V to 6V battery pack.

A serial port with 3.3V power supply is provided for data transmission (direct connection to a long range Bluetooth module for example). An external IC port is also provided (with 3.3V power supply) as well as several digital or analog inputs / outputs.

The small size (63mm*30mm) and the light weight (7g) enable easy integration into any carrier.

Please contact us if you need any further information or if you have special requirements for your project.

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