NavH-01 - IMU / AHRS

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This product is the world smallest, lightest and ultra low-cost Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with proprietary Attitude and Heading Reference System algorithms (AHRS).

With a size of only 17mm * 22mm, it is fitted with 3 accelerometers, 3 gyrometers, 3 magnetometers, a powerful 40 Mips Digital Signal Processor with 2 control LEDs, a very standard 0.1 header for connection and even 2 fixation holes.

The board only needs 25mA @ 3.3V power supply to output data at up to 200Hz.

The connection to the external world is done by an easy-to-use 0.1 header with 7 pins. 2 pins are used for 3.3V power supply, 1 pin is used for DSP reset and can be left un-connected and 4 remappable pins are used for data communication: only one can be used for data output (UART mode with only TX output), and 3 for optional external GPS (1 pin) and/or IC extension port, PWM, digital or analog I/O.

Download here free demo software. By connecting your NavH-01 module to a serial port (FTDI cable for example), you can easily evaluate the performances:

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