NavStab : 3-axis brushless controller (AHRS & RF)

NavStab product is a 3-axis brushless controller which can be used in various applications such as camera stabilisation systems, antenna trackers... The main asset is that all the functions are embedded into the same circuit (IMU / AHRS, motor drivers, processor, RF...). The circuit can be mounted on camera reference, reducing the number of cables between rotating parts. The yaw motor is not longer constrained so that the yaw axis become infinite.

Technical specifications:

  • 3-axis brushless controller (9 electrically independant outputs, grouped 3 by 3.
  • 7,4V to 30V power supply (mainly 2S to 3S Lithium).
  • High efficiency 5V PWM power supply and 3.3V linear regulator for sensors (available for users).
  • High performance DSP (70Mips) with hardware PWM outputs.
  • 3-axis gyrometer and 3-axis accelerometer (STMicroelectronics).
  • 3-axis magnetometer (STMicroelectronics).
  • Included NAVEOL AHRS algorithm.
  • Serial Port Profile Bluetooth module on bottom layer.
  • 0.1 inches standard header.
  • 1.5A output current per motor.
  • Dimensions: 25mm*40mm, 2.5mm screws.

This product is very versatile and has already been used in different projects:

  • Professional camera stabilisation for TV: Euromedia (Canal+). Mounted on a helium-filled balloon flying over the Parc des Princes (Paris) and Velodrome (Marseille) for live television.
  • Camera stabilisation for UAV and manned airplanes.
  • Antenna tracker in real time.
  • Wireless AHRS (Bluetooth).
  • Camera stabilisation used in school with our partner Didastel : produit link.

Different software options are available. Contact NAVEOL for more information.

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